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Iraca Tote Bag by Mola Sasa

Iraca Tote Bag by Mola Sasa

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Excited to introduce a new shape designed to be worn all year round.

Crafted from natural Iraca Palm, one of the richest and most delicate fibers in Colombia, and finished with vegan cactus leather sourced from Mexico, this tote is spacious enough to hold a laptop and your everyday essentials. 

The iraca totes are finished off with an internal printed pocket. These totes also look great  with our colorful Kuna keychains, because of course we are all for color!.



Length: 28 Cm, Top Width: 39 Cm, Base Width: 30 Cm, Depth: 18 Cm

Length: 11 In, Top Width: 15.5 In, Base Width: 12 In, Depth: 7 In  




Natural Iraca Fiber, Cactus Leather


The Weaving Technique Used By Artisans In The Elaboration Of Products In Iraca Is One Of The Richest And Most Delicate In The Entire National Territory. After Cleaning, Washing And Dyeing The Fibers, Women Start Weaving Using The Special Technique They Learn Since They Are Very Young, Making It A Family Tradition And Passing This From Generation To Generation. The Dyes Are Extracted From Seeds, Leaves, Branches, Beef Tongue, Walnut, Black Cedar And Minerals To Obtain A Beautiful & Natural Color Palette.

BRAND: Mola Sasa.