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Palma Abanico Choker - Necklace by Câpâ

Palma Abanico Choker - Necklace by Câpâ

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This PALMA ABANICO necklace is part of Capa's collection Plantae * W 2018:

Immersed in the Amazon in the midst of a place with unlimited abundance, where the number of shapes, in shades of green, blue, ocher and yellow, cannot be understood, "Plantae" was born. A grouping of various sheets; phyllondrons that look like meanders, broad, pointed leaves, perforated leaves, and irregular tessellate foliage.


Handmade with 24k gold plated over bronze, pigments applied by hand and granulation in glass.


Width: 12,5 cm approx.

High: 0,5 cm approx.

Thickness: 0,1 cm approx.

Brand: Câpâ.