Mâkua is inspired by the beauty and exuberance of the landscapes of Colombia. It draws its inspiration from the birds, the jungle, the innumerable butterfly species and the landscapes full of palms, and fruit plantations. 

Mâkua works with three indigenous communities of Colombia: The Ebera Chami, The Guna Dule and The Tikuna using techniques of these groups combined with contemporary jewelry.

Mâkua works under practices of commerce completely fair, understanding the value and what these handicrafts represent, respecting the cycles of life and geographic location of these artisans, primarily the women who own the talent and knowledge of this amazing art. They can do this work without having to move to the big cities, able to stay in their homes multitasking between the work from Mâkua, their daily home activities and taking care of their families. Mâkua empowers them to continue these practices and at the same time to transmit this techniques to their daughters, so it continues within future generations. 

Mâkua is being published in very important magazines internationally like VOGUE México, VOGUE BrasilVOGUE Usa  also selected by WGSN as one of the ten Latin American brands more highlighted in the world.