Laura Cadavid - Architect and Designer.

“I started lineaipunto two years ago while working as an architect in Bogotá, Colombia. At the time I was mainly driven by my passion for product design and the curiosity to create something with my hands and my first pieces were mainly an exploration of the material and my personal aesthetic. However, as I learned, worked and experimented different things I started developing a very clear vision for my products and now all I want is to fully dedicate myself to jewellery, design and craftsmanship.

Lineaipunto to me is not only a passion or a potential business venture, but a path towards personal development. I put all of myself in what I create and I feel that every new piece tells something about me and reflects the way I see the world. From a creative standpoint this is important because I believe that only by remaining true to my work will I be able to create a successful brand and make designs that people want to wear. Lineaipunto is mainly a constant exploration between the artisanal sensitivity and a clean contemporary elegance that end up in effortless products.

This type of aesthetic is the one that I like to pursue, products that at the end seem coherent and peaceful"


The product:

Lineaipunto is inspired by Laura’s background as an architect and her passion for pure geometric, essential shapes, light, space and transparency. The designs play with the most primitive forms and shapes and aim at creating an elegant dialogue between the accessories and the organic features of the female body, emphasizing and complementing its natural beauty through the use of raw geometric forms and patterns. All pieces are made of 925 sterling silver and some are gold plated.