Daniela Millán

Daniela Millan Designs is a brand from Mexico. It was born as a jewellery brand in 2009 when the Venezuelan sisters Daniela and Lorena decided to take the plunge and become more than a jewellery business, but a dream.
Their passion for art pieces, originality and simplicity are the main qualities of their brand. Daniela is the head designer, she manages the jewellery production and Lorena plans and execute the marketing and sales strategies as well as the advertising campaigns. They both ensure the quality control of the final jewellery pieces at their studio.
They create pieces that combines handmade techniques like crochet and enamel with modern designs.
They believe that when artisanal work is incorporated into design, the result can only be spectacular unique pieces. They stand out for versatility and elegance and their mission is to complement the beauty, highlight the femininity and confidence of our clients.
Their jewelry is made out of 24K gold plated brass which ensures the durability of each piece. They use natural stones such as malachite, natural pearls, lapis lazuli, opal, coral, onyx among others. They like to think that each of these stones carries an energy charge that is linked to our philosophy.
They have been featured in several fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Fashion Week Blog, Vanidades USA, Harper Bazaar, and Vanidades. And they have participated in several Mercedes Fashion Week shows alongside renowned Latin American designers such as Fernando Alberto, Benito Santos, Luciana Balderrama, Alejandro Carlín and Veronique de La Cruz.