Amulettos as representation of contemporary Colombian jewelry born in inspiration to those symbols called "amuletos" which over the years have acquired much power and meaning in different cultures around the world. 

Its creator María Alejandra Ramírez, Industrial Designer by profession decided to specialize on the jewelry path by creating a brand focused on the details, where each piece is carefully crafted and whose collections have been inspired by cultural blends and popular beliefs of Colombia and countries Latin Americans, reviving elements in a symbolic and figurative way that remember that more than a Jewel you wear an Amulet.

"From a very young age I had an addiction to everything I created with my hands, I loved to draw, paint, make notes, letters and I remember very well that I had a chest full of pebbles, threads of all colors that were given to me at Christmas and from there designing my own accessories became a passion that never stopped. Art and design always captivated my attention, while I was in college with a cousin who has been my big sister, we decided to create a brand to sell bracelets and chains in the company where she worked, and this is when Amulettos was born in 2015. Our pieces are an amulet for the person who carries them".